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spilavizer knee brace

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Instructions for using the Spilavizer knee brace:

This product functions not only based on ultrasound frequency, but is also equipped with a heating element that increases blood flow and reduces inflammation related to the knee pain. If the produced heat was unpleasant for some patients, they can use the knee brace on the clothes and control its heat. It should be mentioned that the thickness and material of the clothes that you use underneath the knee brace only controls your sense of the heat element and does not affect the performance of ultrasound waves. After the third day using the knee brace, you will gradually feel the function of it and your pain and inflammation will be decreased day by day, so that you will get the desirable result by the 15th day

خرید زانوبند اسپیلاوایزر فرانسوی اصل دیجی کالا

Important points in using the knee brace:

  • The knee brace should under any circumstances not be used more than two hours.
  • The significant effect of the knee brace will be felt after the first two weeks.
  • The knee brace should be used for one hour in the first day and the duration of use should be increased by 10 minutes every day until reaching two hours of use on the 10th day. From the 10th day onwards, the knee brace should be used two hours a day maximum.

خرید زانوبند اسپیلاوایزر فرانسوی اصل دیجی کالا

How to use:

  • The best time to use the knee brace is before your evening rest.
  • These knee braces are free size and can be used for both left and right knees.
  • Fastening the knee brace is dependent on the pain location on the knee and there are no special conditions for fastening the brace.


  • Do not bend the knee while using the knee brace.
  • Avoid washing the knee brace.
  • Do not put the sockets and cables under pressure. The rectangle part attaching to the knee brace which contains the electrical kit is very sensitive to pressure and impact. Avoid applying any pressure or impact on this part.
  • Be sure to unplug the power transformer after two hours of use.
  • Do not use any alternative product other than the power transformer inside the box.
  • This knee brace is not recommended for those undergoing radiation therapies.

خرید زانوبند اسپیلاوایزر فرانسوی اصل دیجی کالا


Normally after one month of using the knee brace and due to the decrease in the pain (pain disappearance), the patient thinks that he no longer needs to use the brace, while it’s necessary to keep on using the knee brace. Otherwise, the knee pain may return. Therefore, complete the therapy period.